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Last updated: January 24, 2022

Zlig is dedicated to using and managing sensitive information provided by online shoppers and resellers, respectfully and conscientiously. This notice outlines privacy-related policies and processes for the website. By visiting this website, whether you are a visitor or shopper and wish to engage in a transaction, you agree to abide by the conditions presented in this notice.

  1. Why a Privacy Notice?
  2. We are dedicated to following best business practices, one of them being transparency. This notice is our way of promoting long-lasting and mutually satisfactory relationships with our customers by:
    • Identifying what data is collected when doing business with us.
    • Explaining how this information is managed and kept secure.
    • Providing a clear and simple manner whereby you can share your concerns or dissatisfaction.
    • These practices allow all parties to be fully aware of their rights and obligations and promote pleasant and ongoing relationships.

  1. What personal information is collected while visiting
  2. Zlig only collects information needed to initiate and complete the purchasing process, or that a user will have provided when completing and submitting an online form. Typically, you might be asked to provide your first and last names, mailing/shipping addresses, company name, telephone, fax, email and other miscellaneous information. To complete a transaction, you will be asked to provide payment information, such as credit card details, or otherwise you can contact our sales unit to complete the process offline. We will collect and store information pertaining to email inquiries initiated by you or by us.

    Depending on the type of activity you engage in, some of the information fields may be optional while others are marked as mandatory. When the information is marked mandatory and therefore not optional, you will be required to provide that information to complete the task. Should you feel uncomfortable completing a task for whatever reason, our Customer Service department will gladly respond to your inquiry either by:


    In an effort to provide well-tailored service and better understand our customer’s needs, we may save non-personally identifiable information from your visit such as your browser type, operating system and Internet Protocol (IP address). This information, along with comments and suggestions provided by visitors and users, guides us when improving the overall customer experience and the offers we make.

  1. What about cookies?
  2. A cookie is a unique identifier text file used to record a computer’s visits on a particular website. The information gathered by the cookie is encrypted, therefore cannot be decoded by anyone other than the emitting server. This process empowers visitors to perform a variety of tasks like storing items in a shopping cart, making a purchase, or customizing user session features.Please note that you may, if you wish, choose to block cookies as most browsers do provide a cookie-blocking feature. View your browser’s “Tools” or “Help” menus for more details on cookie blocking. Remember that for technical reasons, if you decide to block incoming cookies, you will not be able to make a purchase on

  1. How is the information used?
  2. Zlig takes the way customer information is secured and managed very seriously. We are not an information merchant and do not act on behalf of any other entity or third party. Sharing of information may only occur with our authorized resellers when deemed appropriate. Our partners are subject to the same guidelines found in this document.

  1. How is this information secured?
    • Transactions are made within a secure checkout environment.
    • The data is stored on isolated and secure servers, thereby making it impossible to access the information from outside our infrastructure.
    • Order confirmation notices do not reveal transactional information, such as a customer’s personal information or payment information.
    • We ask that you make sure you log out of your account or session after making a transaction or modifying your profile.

  1. Do you deal with third-party organizations and if so, how is the information kept secure?
  2. For the time being, we do not outsource marketing campaigns requiring the exposure of sensitive information to any third party. Should we choose to call upon a third party for events involving personal information, they will be required to abide by our privacy notice.

  1. How can I manage my personal information?
  2. When logging into your account, which is allocated to you after your first purchase, you may view your transaction history and edit your login password. You are also welcome to provide a suggestion or comment in regards to a product or service offered through the website.

  1. Conditions of use and policy revisions
  2. Visitors who are unsatisfied regarding provisions found in this privacy notice are welcome to contact our Customer Service department. Disputes regarding management of private information, our terms of sale, returns and exchanges, and shipping conditions are subject to the guidelines outlined in this document.

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